Would You Like To Soak Of While You Drive? Yes? Then, You Might Want To Check Out The World’s Fastest Hot Tub Car

We are living in an age where everyone wants to save time wherever they can. There is just so much to do and places to go, so if we can take a relaxing bath while cruising on the road, shouldn’t we? Well, these two engineers seem to think so.

Three years ago, Duncan Forster and Phil Weiker converted a Cadillac DeVille into a working hot tub on wheels. Describing their epic invention, Phil said:

You haven’t really lived until you’ve sat in a hot tub and watched the world roll by.”

The duo purchased a 1969 Cadillac DeVille and made some major changes in order to set the record for the world’s fastest hot tub.

They took out the car’s interior and then reinforced the steel frame to support the added weight from the water. They then made use of plywood and fiberboard to create a mould of the car’s interior.

Duncan and Phil wanted to maintain the Cadillac’s overall look so they put a lot of effort into waterproofing the car’s interior. They even customised the dashboard with marine-grade silicone caulk.

For more details of the amazing creation and how the vehicle was made, check out the video below.