Woman Left A Short Note In Her Will That Led Her Nephew To An Astonishing Treasure Worth Millions!

A woman passed away and left her nephew, Karl Kissner, as an executor of her property. She was the fan of things, and she never threw them away, stacking everything in boxes. Probably the old lady was afraid that all her belonging would be thrown immediately as old rubbish, so sh left a note to her nephew in the will: “Karl, as you go through the house, you will find things you never knew existed.”

And she was right! Room after room, cupboard after cupboard, box after box, Karl and his family searched the house for those things, and as you see from the photo above, the size of it is quite impressive.

They’d been doing it for quite a while when they finally came across a strange box in the attic.

Inside was a huge pack of old baseball cards. Karl couldn’t believe his eyes. He did a research and understood, theses things could be worth up to one million dollars.

He was astonished and happy in the same time. He said in an interview: “Her curse wound up being our blessing!”

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