Woman Finds A Cow In Her Living Room. Watch Her 5-Year-Old Try To Explain What Happened

Billie Joo Decker was surprised to see the family calf inside the house. The first thing she noticed upon entering was her 5-year-old daughter, Breanna, lying down on the floor with the pet.

Immediately the little girl spotted her mum, she got up, ready to proffer an explanation as to why the calf was in the house. Billie Jo, suspecting a memorable moment, grabbed her phone and began to record.

The mum asked Breanna how the Izzy the cow got indoors.

A very energetic and animated Breanna began to talk. She even backed up her story with various demonstrations in order to convince her mother. The little girl was too adorable for words as she went into a detailed explanation for her mum.

I was looking out that way, and the door was open, And her [the calf] was in, and her was pooping. But I cleaned it up...”

She went on and on while mommy recorded. The sweetest moment was when she walked over to the cow and sat down next to her. Izzy immediately placed her head on Breanna’s legs and settled in for a nap.

The video, published in 2014, was very popular with over 8 million views. Watching the child and the pet cow share such a bond is certainly beautiful.

Watch the video below.