Now You Can Grow Fruit Or Veg Into All Kinds Of Crazy Shapes. Here Is How!

Did you ever dream of growing something very unusual? Now you definitely have such opportunity. These creative moulds can help everyone to transform fruits and vegetables into odd-shaped objects. For example, you can grow little Buddhas or even square watermelons. Well, it sounds crazy, but let’s see!

Here are peaches! They look beautiful, don’t they?

These unusual moulds are produced by Fruit Mould Co., based in China. They believe that weird shaping fruits and vegetables can add more value to food and also their unusual shape draws more attention to them.

The company website says: “Fruit Mould Co., Ltd specialises in creating one of a kind, high quality fruit and vegetable moulds to transform regular fruits into wacky and weird shapes that you’ve never seen before.“

How do these moulds work? Growers place them over the stems of growing plants, then vegetable or fruit slowly fill the mould.

They look impressive, right?

Do you want to grow something like this for yourself? Don’t forget to share these amazing moulds with your friends and family!