Man Moves Into His New House And Is Shocked To Discover $3.7m Worth Of Gold Hidden In Strategic Spots

A man who inherited a home from his dead relative was shocked to discover a hidden fortune.

The Frenchman found a bunch of gold coins and bars that are worth millions. The gold was hidden in strategic places in the house in Normandy. In total, all the coins and gold bars weighed about 100kg.

Nicolas Fierfort, an auctioneer who confirmed the story said, “there were 5,000 gold pieces, two bars of 12 kilos and 37 ingots of 1 kilo.”

The loot ended up being worth $3.7m. According to Fierfort, they were very well hidden.

It was under the furniture, under piles of linen, in the bathroom … everywhere,” he said.

The identity of the previous and current owner of the house has not been revealed. According to the auctioneer, the new owner stumbled on the treasure when he began to move furniture around.

When an inventory was carried out, it was discovered that the gold was bought in the 1950s and 1960s.

There were even certificates of authenticity.

A chunk of the money will go to taxes, though. The finder is liable to pay a 45 percent inheritance tax and will also pay three years in back taxes if it was found out that the dead relative did not declare these expensive treasures.

Source: TheGuardian