Dog Is So Fluffy That People Are Mistaking Him For A Stuffed Animal

Chowder is a 3-year-old Chow Chow from the Philippines who is making headlines across the internet, and for good reason.

Besides the fact that he is incredibly handsome, people are mistaking this fluffy dog for a stuffed animal. Chowder’s owners told that he is often mistaken for a bear on the streets.

“When people see him in the mall, the usual reactions are, ‘[he] looks like a bear,’” his owners said. “He started to pick up quite a following.” Chowder has a thick coat of fur which is brushed every day to keep it looking fluffy as ever, and his owners said that Chowder receives weekly baths and monthly trips to the groomer.

Despite his online fame, his owners say that Chowder is not letting the fame go to his head. “When he is at home he likes to people watch through the window and watch cars and other pets pass by. He also loves strolling outside or at the mall where it’s cold,” they said.

“He has no idea what’s going on,” they continued. “He just lounges around and does his daily routines having no idea that he is being photographed and videoed.”

Watch Chowder in the video below: